2007 Budapest Burns Supper


The annual Budapest Burns Supper, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, reached its fundraising target of HUF 10 million ($51,000 at January 2007 exchange rates) for the evening.

Event chairman Stuart McAlister told The Budapest Sun, “In recent years the Burns Supper has become a celebration of the ongoing work of the Robert Burns International Foundation.

“As such, we haven’t raised as much at the event itself as we have sometimes in the past, when the Burns Supper was the focal point for our charitable activities. Given that, the fact that we beat our target and raised more than HUF 10 million on the night [Saturday, January 27 2007] really was a very significant achievement.

“This was my sixth Burns Supper as a committee member. I do not remember there ever being such a buzz on the night, or as much positive feedback as I’ve received after the 2007 Supper.

“I’d like to pass on a huge thanks to all those sponsors, performers, hotel staff, press and the committee; without their support none of this would be possible,” he added.

By Robin Marshall