2nd Department of Paediatrics at Semmelweis University in Tűzoltó utca, 2022

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The Robert Burns International Foundation has been fundraising for children’s hospitals in Hungary since 1998. The very first piece of equipment donated was an operating table, which was gifted to the 2nd Department of Paediatrics at Semmelweis University in Tűzoltó utca. The RBIF has continued this assistance every year since then.

We support other hospitals as well but why have we given continuous annual support to this hospital? The main reason is that the Tűzoltó utca hospital is one of the principal children’s hospitals not just in Budapest but for the whole of Hungary. Children needing special treatment are often transferred here from other hospitals, so it makes sense to help ensure this hospital has the equipment needed to offer the best available support for sick children in Hungary. This assistance is made possible as ever by our Burns Supper sponsors, and in 2022 our main sponsors included @bp, @Taxually and @FirstMed.

In conjunction with our medical adviser Professor György Fekete, former medical director of the 2nd Dept. of Paediatrics, this year we helped the department purchase a vitally important vital signs monitor along with pressure-relieving mattresses.

The Connex Spot Monitor features an easy-to-use, vivid touchscreen display and provides accurate vital signs measurement including blood pressure averaging, spot checking and interval monitoring. The device includes a choice of thermometry and/or pulse oximetry, connectivity and mounting/mobility options, providing up to 17 hours of on-time, alleviating the need to charge the monitor as frequently.

The Alerta Emerald Auto is a fully automatic weight-sensing, pressure-relieving mattress system with 5″ air cells for effective prevention and treatment of patients at high risk of developing pressure ulcers during long-term hospital stays. The pump has the latest cutting-edge auto weight-sensing technology, continuously adjusting interface pressures according to the patient’s weight.


This visit to the hospital also gave us the chance to properly thank Professor Fekete for his 25 years of medical advisory support he has given the RBIF. In recognition of his efforts he was declared our “Sponsor of the Year.”